» Wuzhen Theater - Zhejiang, China

Wuzhen Theater - Zhejiang, China

Location information

Location: Asia
Country: China
City: Zhejiang
Address: 18, ShiFo South Rd., Wuzhen Town, Tongxiang, Zhejiang, P.R. China(314501)

General information

Started: 2010 year
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Completed: 2010 year
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Technical details

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Floor count: 1 floor
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Design and construction

Architect: Kris Yao
Style: Futuristic
Building Uses: Theatre

Wuzhen Theatre by Kris Yao and Artech Architects

Wuzhen Theater

Wuzhen Theater - Zhejiang, China
Wuzhen Theater / Artech Architects


The Wuzhen Grand Theater is located in a water village in Zhejiang, China and it was designed as the host of an international theater festival by the architectural practice of Kris Yao.
The greatest challenge was to design a large building containing two theaters with 1200 and 600 seats back to back, with modern theater functions in this small, traditional water village in southern China.
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