» Ultra-Thin Condominium Tower

Ultra-Thin Condominium Tower

Location information

Location: North America
Country: United States
City: New York City
Address: 610 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10022, USA

General information

Started: 2017 year
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Technical details

Height: 213 meters
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Floor count: 61 floors
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Design and construction

Architect: Foster and Partners
Style: Tower, highrise
Building Uses: residential

Ultra-Thin Condominium Tower in New York

Ultra-Thin Condominium Tower by Foster + Partners

Ultra-Thin Condominium Tower


Ultra-Thin Condominium Tower
Living at the 10th floor might be a little scary, but Norman Foster has took this in another level. We can see that day after day the buildings are becoming more tall, the land is more expensive and sometimes we can do nothing but live in the higher floors. Foster thrusts a 61-story in an Ultra-Thin Condominium Tower.
Ultra-Thin Condominium Tower
“Simplicity of design is often the hardest thing to achieve but in a sophisticated marketplace, people appreciate the timeless beauty that comes from it. Our design philosophy has always extended through the entire building and we will look to create interiors that blend seamlessly with the exterior approach”.
Ultra-Thin Condominium Tower
The 213 meters tower might look like a toothpick from a great distance, but who knows what Foster has saved more for us under that 91 luxury units encased within a pure white glass facade.
“It’s not simply about our new building, but about the composition it creates together with one of the 20th century’s greatest. In contrast to Seagram’s dark bronze, our tower will have a pure white, undulating skin. Its proportions are almost impossibly slim and the views will be just incredible”, said Chris Connell at Foster+Partners.
First, the project was revealed in 2005, but due to the financial crash of 2008 it was postponed to late 2017. Till then the render will ‘pick’ our imagination. (via arch2o)
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