» Aukland House - New 40-Story Condo in Toronto

Aukland House - New 40-Story Condo in Toronto

Location information

Location: North America
Country: Canada
City: Toronto
Address: Southeast corner of Dundas and Aukland Road

General information

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Technical details

Height: 137 meters
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Floor count: 40 floors
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Design and construction

Architect: Diamond Schmitt Architects
Style: postmodern, highrise
Building Uses: retail, residential

40-Story Condo Up for Approval in Toronto

Aukland House

Aukland House - New 40-Story Condo in Toronto


As far back as 2001, various development proposals for the southeast corner of Dundas and Aukland Road in Etobicoke's Six Points area have surfaced and disappeared. Over the last year, however, Main and Main Developments have gradually been moving forward with an ambitious proposal for a 40-storey Diamond Schmitt Architects-designed condominium to replace the low-rise retail strip that has long occupied the site. A zoning by-law amendment application submitted to the Etobicoke York Community Council in late October provides further details about the project, which is provisionally known as Aukland House. The application is recommended for approval at City Council tomorrow.
If built as currently proposed, the project would bring 378 residential units to the area, which—as one of the City's designated high-density centres—has seen rapid growth in recent years. The 38-storey residential component of the proposal rises above a two-storey glass podium, which would bring 5,091 square metres of retail space to the market, the majority of which would become a grocery store on the second level.
An aesthetic departure from much of the nascent Six Points area skyline's current built form, the tower is notable for its interplay of glazing and opaque, white cladding. In lieu of the glass spandrel that characterizes many of Toronto's recent high-rises, the tower's proposed distinctive cladding pattern lends its form subtle texture and depth.
On the east side of the project, pedestrian and vehicular access would require an easement on Viking Lane, a small private road bordering the site. Concept renderings of the eastern face of the podium reveal a warmer, golden tone at ground level, delineating a pedestrian passage way leading to the residential lobby.
With the development still in its early stages, elements of the design are still subject to change, and a timeline for the project's marketing and sales is not yet known. The features shown in the renderings and preliminary plans could all be revised as the City's approvals process continues.
Items that will be set by City Council if the zoning amendment application is approved, are heights, massing, size, and uses. Benefits to public works and infrastructure projects in the area—known as a "Section 37" agreement—will also be decided as part of the application's approval. The development is proposed to contribute funds to a new public walkway to the nearby Kipling subway station, Islington BIA public realm improvements, and the future Westwood Park. Half a million in proceeds from the $875,000 agreement would be allocated to the Westwood YMCA, which is the first building planned to be built as part of the reconstruction of Kipling Avenue and Dundas and Bloor Streets when the Six Points interchange is removed over the next couple of years. (via UrbanToronto)

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Aukland House - New 40-Story Condo in Toronto Aukland House - New 40-Story Condo in Toronto Aukland House - New 40-Story Condo in Toronto
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