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Ponte City - Johannesburg

Location information

Location: Africa
Country: South Africa
City: Johannesburg
Address: Hillbrow 1 Lily Avenue

General information

Started: 1975 year
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Completed: 1976 year
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Technical details

Height: 173 meters
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Floor count: 55 floors
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Design and construction

Architect: Manfred Hermer
Style: brutalist, pole, tower
Building Uses: residential, retail

Ponte City Apartments

Tallest residential building in Africa

Ponte City - Johannesburg
Ponte City - skyscraper in the Hillbrow


This building was originally supposed to be 64 stories tall, but was shortened because of fire fighting concerns brought up by the city council.
There is a shopping arcade on the 8th floor with 50 shops serving the tenants as well as a pedestrian bridge to the University crossing an adjacent freeway.
The principal designer of Ponte was Mannie Feldman, working in a team together with Manfred Hermer and Rodney Grosskopf. Rodney Grosskopff recalled the decision to make the building circular, the first cylindrical skyscraper in Africa.

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Ponte City - Johannesburg Ponte City - Johannesburg Ponte City - Johannesburg Ponte City - Johannesburg Ponte City - Johannesburg
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