» Evolution Tower - Moscow, Russia

Evolution Tower - Moscow, Russia

Location information

Location: Europe
Country: Russia
City: Moscow, Moscow International Business Center
Address: Presnenskaya 16/1, Moscow, Russia

General information

Started: 2011 year
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Completed: 2014 year
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Technical details

Height: 255 meters, 836 feet
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Floor count: 54 floors
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Design and construction

Architect: Philipp Nikandrov
Style: Glass, Highrise, Futuristic, Twistscraper
Building Uses: Office, Wedding Palace

Башня Эволюция

Evolution Tower

Evolution Tower - Moscow, Russia
Evolution Tower at evening


Tony Kettle and his team were inspired by “Rodin’s Kiss”, representing marriage, when designing Moscow City Evolution Tower. The unique spiral design of the tower marks a remarkable architectural accomplishment, with an overall twist of 156 degrees clockwise. The twisting tower will provide approximately 85,000 sqm of retail and leisure facilities and 85,000 sqm of offices and public functions.
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