» » Futuristic Architectural Delights in 2016

Futuristic Architectural Delights in 2016

Inverted cones, spinning condos and engulfed taverns, we’ve seen them all being the talk in town the past year. But 2016 is rather significant in the field of design and dwelling. So go ahead, feast on this year’s magnificent spread of architectural delights!

The Louvre in Abu Dhabi by Jean Nouvel

Futuristic Architectural Delights in 2016
The swan white floating dome structure with its ‘web-patterned dome’ is the perforated screen allowing the sun to filter through. The enchanting effect of sunlight wafting through an oasis is seen.
Ironic though, considering its located on an island.

Studio Bell in Canada by Allied works Architecture

Futuristic Architectural Delights in 2016
Studio Bell is actually one of the most exciting and unique projects to look forward to this year, solely devoted to amplifying love, sharing and understanding of music. The edgy curves interwoven with rectilinear forms are inspired by the Canadian landscape. Hear Architect Brad Cloepfil talks about the construction of his latest adventure!

Tate Modern Extension in UK by Herzog & De Meuron

Futuristic Architectural Delights in 2016
Who knew a timeless material like brick, in a perforated edgy screen would be pretty and pleasing to the contemporary side of design? It also draws its energy from transformers in the adjoining switch house, hence saving 44% of the average consumer!

The majestic wing-like appearance of this station truly feels like the Seagull has rested for a moment. It promises to be the center of attraction for Lower Manhattan district, and with that soaring form we believe it has the capacity to be so. Or fly so.

It took a good 13 years for this concept of a convex, gently curved, 555 meter-high skyscraper to get approved. The pale-colored glass draws inspiration from Korean craft.
Also, it hosts the worlds highest observation deck.

Mausoleum of the Martyrdom of Polish villages

Futuristic Architectural Delights in 2016
The concrete massing of this memorial pays tribute to thousands of citizens who were murdered during the German occupation of Poland in WWII, it may look solid but penetrates through its void the fleetingness of human life.

West 57th in New York City

Futuristic Architectural Delights in 2016
BIG makes their architectural debut in with an exquisite apartment design in New York City. With 600 residential spaces, the asymmetrical peak and steeply sloped facade, balance the greens surrounding it.

Faena arts center in Miami

Futuristic Architectural Delights in 2016
The Faena district is up for change, with its icon being the pearl white treat to the eye. The lattice-work of singular cross-curves for the facade, adds to the charm and aesthetic quality of Koolhas’ latest feather in his cap.

Pingtan Art Museum

Futuristic Architectural Delights in 2016
The undulating waves rising from beneath and seamlessly blending into the horizon is what strikes one about Asia’s largest private museum. They’re meant to represent ancient rock caves, reminding us of shells and the sea.

Zayed National Museum in Abu Dhabi

Futuristic Architectural Delights in 2016
You don’t get a masterpiece in the Middle East without a good story backing it. This museum was inspired by the charismatic flight and feathers of a falcon, reflecting Sheikh Zayed’s love of falconry and creating an iconic symbol for the nation. Each steel feather of 125 metres being the highest, displays a gallery where one can explore the history and culture of the UAE. Well at least we know the Saadiyat Island skyline is never going to look the same again. (via Arch2o)
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