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SkyCycle in London By Foster and Partners

SkyCycle in London By Foster and Partners
Being conjointly developed by Foster+Partners and Space Syntax of exterior architecture, is being expected to be a great positive change for London cyclers. This approach is being planned to be routed above the existing suburban railway corridors by constructing a wide secured deck above the trains throughout the city.
In the last ten years, the number of cyclists on major roads, in London alone, has increased up to one hundred and seventy percent throughout the development. Undeniably with the expected inevitable increase in the next ten years, Norman Foster has proposed a one hundred and thirty miles of network bike pass high above the streets.
The team has claimed that the proposed network of above road cycling follows the existing suburban railway corridors and would construct a wide, secure deck above the trains to create new cycle routes throughout London. This could provide over 220 kilometers of safe, car-free cycle routes. Routes can be accessed at over 200 entrance points within every 10 minutes area through access ramps. It is estimated that almost six million people live within the catchment area of the proposed network, half of whom live and work within 10 minutes of the entrance. According to the estimation, each route can accommodate about 12,000 cyclists per hour and will improve journey times by up to 29 minutes for the trip.
Early studies of SkyCycle system indicate that it provides a capacity at a much lower cost than building new roads and tunnels. The possibility of the deck providing development opportunities for businesses along the route, particularly where it intersects with stations and bridges, has also been the subject of the study, exploring ideas for public and private, commercial growth and regeneration. The SkyCycle study team continues to further develop these scenarios, and the project has already been presented to the GLA, TfL and Network Rail, as well as to developers and contractors with specialist rail experience.
The cycling charity (CTC) expressed its concern over the wind exposure that the riders might face at time of using SkyCycle and also about the steepness of the access ramps. Though some people believe that the project will turn out to be “amazing” or a “radical solution to protect cyclists” and some are not quite sure about the consequences. They feel that the project may divert resources and time away from more important projects leaving some negative results. Also, the interactivity of the cyclist community with the surroundings has come the doubts.
The SkyCycle approach is revolutionary and has potential applications cities around the world. For this change, traffic style may ease the overall load on the road. The proposed elevated pathway for the cycles is estimated to cost about three hundred and sixty-two million USD approximately with the time span of about 20 years to complete. If built, the SkyCylce will be recognized as the largest pathway for cyclers in the world. (via Arch2o)
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